Surefire Logos: Our new logo design company

I have started a new logo design company to partner with my Mazziotti Design company.

It is called Surefire Logos.

Here are the graphics we are using for our online graphic advertisements.

If you are in need of a logo feel free to contact me at the numbers above.

You can check out our Facebook at
or follow us on twitter at


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Finally a new post!

It has been a long 18 months since I have posted on my design blog.

A lot of things have happened that prevented me from writing.

1. Finished building our new house and moved
2. Quit the ratrace and went into working for myself full time as a freelance graphic design
3. Had a beautiful baby daughter.


I am going to write on here at least once a week with new critiques and design projects that I am working on.

I look forward to hearing you feedback!

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Graphic Design Store

I recently opened a store for my graphic design services through
It is a nice streamlined way to purchase services from me. Currently I have logo design, brochure design and stationery available. Any other services can be purchased by contacting me directly at

The link to the store is

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The Dark Knight movie posters are AMAZING!!!!

This set of posters for the new Batman movie “The Dark Knight” as really amazing. Personally, this is the movie that I have the most desire to see this summer. These posters helped fuel this desire any more.
Enjoy. They are a feast on the eyes.

I think that this one is my favorite.

With this one being a close 2nd place.

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Movie Posters from the Summer 2008

I love me a good movie poster! I think that a nice movie poster along with a good trailer go along way in making the movie successful.

Here are some posters from the Summer 2008 movie season that I though were really amazing.

I think that this works great. Simple and impactful.

A strong image of Angelina Jolie. Is much more really needed.

Disney’s graphic team always does it right when it comes to movie posters for their Pixar films.

Love it!

I love the distressed and desperation that this post emits.

I loved the imagery used in this movie and it carried over onto the poster. The bright colors just pull you in.

This movie came out in the Spring, but this poster is amazing.

I am a sucker for the burst in the background. Plus I think that this poster has a great focal point.

The first Iron Man poster is one of my favorite of the season. Amazing.

Very cool poster. Now let’s see if the movie will be any good.

I love almost anything that is involved with Frank Miller. Everthing is so vivid, even with just the black and the red.

Nice stuff.

I am scared already, but somehow feel that I will be dissappointed in the end.

These one really caught my eye. There is one set of movie poster that stood above the rest. But it deserves a post of its own.

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